Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek: 10 Tips for Trekkers

If you are planning a great trek to the Everest base camp, the tips explained below can be of great help to you in order to have a very enjoyable and successful time on that particular trek. We are obviously talking about the base of the world’s highest and mighty mountain. So go for the Everest base camp trek.

The 10 tips for all trekkers:

1. Train before you actually make it

It is a very stunning walk as you will be going through the world’s most famous trail and all the way to the Mount Everest. Thus it is extremely important to train as much as possible. It is a technical climb more than a physical one. The Everest base camp trek is also minimal.

2. Prepare yourself mentally

Also depending on the level of comfort you have with the outdoors, you will have to prepare yourself for the life in the mountain. This includes mental preparation to the maximum of your ability in order to develop yourself and enjoy your trek.

3. Get an appropriate gear

There are certain parts of your gear that are extremely essential for your trek into this base camp. Browse the internet to learn about the essential gears required during your trek.

4. Hydrate as much as possible

You must make sure that you are hydrated to the maximum possible extent as without proper hydration you will not be able to make the trek.

5. A little headache is inadmissible

It is highly inevitable that you will acquire some headache. You must not panic as it is completely normal.

6. Slow and steady obviously

Trek in a slow and steady manner and you will make it as soon as possible. Don’t hurry as it can spoil things for you.

7. Bring your favorite treats

It can be quite difficult to eat at a certain altitude. Thus instead of carrying any typical food, it is essential to carry some treat.

8. Stay out of the sun

Whenever possible, stay out of the sun by taking some shade. This will help you to maintain your hydration level.

9. Bring some treats for the local children

When you are passing through the local villages, you will be able to treat some village kids. This can help you a lot without you knowing it.

10. Enjoy yourself

As you are on a holiday, it is important for you to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

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