Everest Base Camp TrekKing Tips for a Female Trekker

If you are a passionate traveler and you love to explore new places and hiking is one of your all-time passions then this piece of writing has a lot to offer to you.  Mount Everest is one of the most popular sights of the whole world and it is the best adventure a traveler can have in his life. The Himalayan Trek is the best experience you can enjoy in a lifetime. Everest is basically situated at Khumbu, it is at 8848m altitude. Generally, known as the highest mountain peak of the world, you cannot afford to pay a visit here. While on a visit to this mountain, you can also experience some so the giant peaks as well.

On your trip to Mount Everest, you will be enjoying the fabulous view of this highest peak. The trek is basically for 12 days and during this time period, the tourists could also visit Kathmandu.  A traveler has the only option to visit by the domestic flight, bus and then on foot.  There is also Everest base camp trek from India.  When we talk about the accommodation, it is provided at the hotels, lodges and tea-houses. Breakfast and meals are also provided during the trek. Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal is the first stop of the trip.

There are a number of places for visiting in Kathmandu. You have to fly here from Lukla which is actually the starting point of trekking the Everest. Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most exciting things which a person can do as a trekker though it is very important to be well prepared and in to take the right gear along with you.  Apart from assessing the climate, there is also very important to know what all things a person would require whole trekking.

As it can be warm in the daytime and freezing cold in the night, it becomes so cold that the water in the bottles gets frozen, thus, one needs to be very careful about these things and don’t forget to take warm clothes for cold nights.

There are some of the important things which a female trekker should not forget to take along with her. Here is the list of things which are must to take:

1. It is recommended to take 2 pairs of trekking trousers; one should be convertible and one which could be turned into the shorts.

2. T-shirts all should be icebreaker as they don’t smell. As it is not possible to do much washing while trekking , so you may end wearing a single t-shirt for a number of days.

3. Long sleeve shirts, Icebreaker, they need to be comfortable.  These t-shirts are cold when the weather is warm and cold when it is warm.

Apart from these, there are a number of things which one should take along on the journey. If you are looking to explore Everest then you can also get in touch with Everest Base Camp Trek as they provide some of the best packages at affordable prices.

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