How to prepare yourself for Adventurous Trek to Everest Base Camp?

Trekking to Everest is everyone’s desire and dream, and when you people get the chance of making it real, doesn’t you give an attempt. Well to go! Below appending are the tips that keep you ready on how to prepare yourself for an adventurous trek to Everest base camp from India. Learning quite a lot to beat the height of 5364 meters by trekking would be an exploratory one indeed.

Mount Everest base camp trek is not at all a scary daunting experience that several people imagine about it normally, but to the reality it would be of greater fun, thrill and frolic. For those who is trekking and for those who come in future must have a go through this post especially.

– Have Cash in Rupees

Whether you are from either India or abroad, try to keep liquid cash with you in Indian rupees as you could not find any ATMs there at Lukla or even at Namche Bazaar. In addition, exchange rates also be very miserable, hence be bagged up yourself with good sum of money.

– Carry your smartphones happily

You can happily carry gadgets such as laptop, palmtop, iPad, iPhone or smartphones since you can get free Wi-Fi connection there in Lukla and Namche Bazaar. But you can cloak them at the same place and can pick up while returning, as internet cost on the top is very expensive. Places with free Wi-Fi are:

  • Namche Bazaar: Everest Bakery
  • Lukla: Starbucks Coffee
  • Internet with medium speed: 10 NPR/minute below Namche Bazaar and 25 NPR/ minute above Namche Bazaar

(Note: 72 NPR = $1 USD)

– Carry your own Tea

Whether you a tea lover or not, it is best to carry tea bags with you, wherein the climate would make you feel to have a cup of tea. And on the top at Everest, tea is very expensive but you can get hot water affordably. Pack multiple flavours of tea bags as in there you can enjoy among the clouds.

– Get the gears in Kathmandu

Gear kit is very much needed for those who go for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. Though there are varieties of shops selling gear kits, it is advisable to buy them at Kathmandu. Gear kit with complete set of trekking poles, hat, gloves, socks, down jackets, and sleeping bag. You can find some reputed and authentic stores with great deals to buy gear set. Also, you can get the similar set in Nepal if you want to buy.

– Keep some snacks

Last but not the least, where chocolates, chips and pringle stuffs cost too heavy to buy. And so having your own stashes for treats would be lovable when you want to. Moreover, when the altitude gets to you, you might feel having some chocolates when you are lowering. You can also find some best brands in Kathmandu.

Apart from the above you can have any flavour to add to your water for energy, water purifier or purification capsules, map, wipes, chargeable batteries, first aid kit, and sun glasses for happy and comfortable Everest Base Camp Trek from India

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